Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grade 8 Cycle 3


For the past few weeks, 8th Graders have been exploring what it takes to make a video project. Basically, this has been all about the pre-production phase. We began with studying script writing. Students, while in the group of their choosing, created a script for the project they decided on. 

Next, students explored shot sequence. Shot sequence is really about what type of film angle and shot will be taken. The goal for every video is to have a seamless flow to the sequences. Students will apply the Three-Shot method when planning out their sequence. Speaking of planning out, the next step for students was to develop a storyboard for their script. Storyboarding  helps the define all the keep elements that need to be address when filming a scene.

For remaining two weeks, students will working on the production phase, a.k.a. filming, and then they will finish with the post-production phase, a.k.a editing/publishing. 

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