7th Grade

7th graders will learn basic video editing. We begin with a discussion of what makes  videos interesting- what types of shots, transitions, effects, and soundtracks are being used that makes an effective video; an effective video has a clear message. 
We will discuss the importance of keeping a seamless flow throughout a video, and students will learn how to create a basic script and a storyboard.

Once the ingredients to an effective video has been shared, then students start their video editing learning journey. We will use a web editor application called WeVideo. WeVideo works seamlessly with Google Chrome, so they will be able to use their Chromebooks for all activities. Students will be expected to learn new editing tools at home through the use of video tutorials and then complete in-class video editing challenges. Students show their understanding of video editing in two ways: 1. by creating their own script, storyboard, and video, and 2. by completing a post-test. The cycle ends with students showcasing their final project through a gallery walk. 

Interested in seeing what WeVideo is all about. Check out this quick video. 

Below is a flowchart that explains the 22 Day cycle.

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