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Tired of hearing from your students, “I couldn’t do the homework last night because I didn’t understand it.”? Or, “I was absent yesterday. Did I miss anything?” Transform your classroom from the traditional to the innovative with EdPuzzle. Kids love watching videos, so why not use them to help teach your curriculum. EdPuzzle is a web 2.0 tool that connects on-line video with learning. You can trim videos, create interactive questions that check for comprehension, add audio notes to clarify, and much more. Receive instant data that showcases student learning. Students view the video at home, the night before. The next day they come in with the content you wanted them to know allowing you to integrate rigorous, high-order thinking activities… the same ones they couldn’t do at home!

Do you hear the sound of crickets in your classroom when you ask students to share their thoughts? Or is it always the same two or three that want to share? Do you struggle to implement formative assessments throughout a lesson? Come to my presentation and you will learn back-channeling tools like Padlet and Today's Meet that will help ensure every student's voice will be heard. And, you'll have the data you need to make informed decisions about your students' learning.

Did you know that on average, a typical school uses 360,000 sheets of paper a year. This translates into roughly 26 sheets of paper per day per teacher in a school that has roughly 60 teaching staff. And this translates into approximately 20 minutes a week spent at a photocopier making copies- which translates into 12 hours a year photocopying! The things we could do if we got that 12 hours back!

Spending hours buried under a pile of assessments that need correcting? So many exit and entrance slips to look at yet so little time? Have no fear, Forms and Flubaroo is here!

Google Forms can be an integral tool for not only for teachers, but also students.  Participants will be shown numerous ways in which Forms can be utilized to collect data in an efficient manner, create formative assessment tools, and other methods to assess student learning.  In addition to the development of Forms, participants will be exposed to the add-on Flubaroo which will generate spreadsheets in order to analyze student performance.Create an assessment using Google Forms and then let the add-on Flubaroo do all the correcting and data collection for you. This dynamic duo will have you breathing again!

One way to creatively integrate technology in classroom learning is through engaging students in media activities that involve the use of various digital forms. This is referred to as digital mashups. To create a digital mashup, students will have to blend different types of content including text, videos, soundtracks, visuals and many more. In doing so, students get to practice multiple literacies in a single learning activity. There are several good tools that you can use with students in class to create media mashups.

Google My Maps is a tremendous resource for teachers at all levels.  Create custom maps to share and publish online in order to transform the normal project into a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Participants will have time to not only learn about how to integrate the app, but also develop ideas for projects that they can use.

As educators, each day our priority is to meet the needs of all of our students.  Frequently, we are challenged with having to find the appropriate technology integration strategies and resources, especially for students with special education needs.  This session will focus on many of the resources that are available in order to differentiate, modify, accommodate and most importantly, lead students towards success, within your classroom.

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