5th Grade

5th graders have a 26 day cycle with me. Basically, I cover Google Apps for Education. We begin with understanding how Google Drive is set up, how to upload files, and share documents. Then, students learn how to properly format Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. 

Google Docs

During this mini-unit, students watch video tutorials at their own pace. These videos show them how to use the formatting tools on the main format toolbar. We discuss the difference between font styles such as headings and subheadings. Students complete self-directed activities that allow them to show their knowledge of other formatting tools. The image below represents the different formatting tools discussed and learned.

Google Slides

Google Slides, like Microsoft PowerPoint, is an awesome presentation tool because it allows real-time collaboration. (as do all Google Apps for Education). Students pair themselves up and create a quick slide presentation of a topic of their choosing. We discuss what makes up a solid presentation such as keeping textual information to a minimum while focusing on using more images to represent the information. 

Google Forms

Google Forms is is a tool that is part of Google Drive for creating surveys, tests, or web input forms. Forms allow anyone to create an easy to use web form. The results are tied to a spreadsheet. Students explore the different type of questions they can create. These can consist of multiple choice, text, short answer, check boxes, and many more. Students create their own questionnaires using Forms and then answer another student's.


A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen output. You may have heard of this as a video screen capture. Go on to YouTube and search "How to ..." and chances are you will find either a video or a screencast of what you are looking for. 5th graders are taught how to screencast so they can show their understanding of technology skills. 
Rather than completing a traditional quiz/test on a certain skill, I have students show their learning. These tutorials can then be used to help other students learn this new skill. Student Chromebooks are pre-loaded with two screen capturing apps: Snag It and Screencastify. I have 5th graders use them to complete their captures.

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