Monday, November 23, 2015

Grade 7 Cycle 3

11/4 to 11/20

Seventh graders have been working on the planning stage of their final project. Many have chosen to work on a PSA while others have chosen to create a project about themselves. All have been conducting research for their topics using the research tool found in a Google Doc. Click on the previous link for a description of how this works. What's so great about this tool is that you can research in the same doc you are writing information. Even cooler is that it will insert citations for you, so no longer do you have to use a third source such as Easybib to create citations.

Once students have complected their research, they then worked on creating storyboards for their projects. Here is a tutorial that students watched to help them with the process. The next step students will be working on is learning the WeVideo Editing program. A series of tutorials as well as in class instruction will begin when we return from Thanksgiving break. 

If you want to get a jump on viewing these tutorials, simply head to WeVideo Academy

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