Friday, January 15, 2016

Cycle 4 7th Graders Adding Finishing Touches to Their Video Projects

7th graders are rounding the bend for their final project. Students have been using their storyboards they created a few weeks ago to help create their finished video. Along with a combination of images and royalty free video clips and audio, students have been showcasing their understanding of video editing. 

Each student has been given a WeVideo account to use for their editing. WeVideo is a web 2.0 application which basically means that instead of using a downloaded program, they can go to the company's website to do all the work. This makes it very convenient for students to continue to work at home using their Chromebooks to edit their projects. 

Some students have decided to work on  creating a PSA announcement of their choice. Others chose to create projects about themselves. Regardless of choice, all were required to complete some research to add factual information to their project. Using Google Doc's Research tool, students easily incorporated their research into their document with one simple click.

Look for future posts to see some finished projects!

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