Monday, January 11, 2016

CF First Comes To John Wallace

Due to the success of John Wallace's First Annual Hour of Code event, the school has started their very own computer science club. What is computer science? If you have heard of the terms programming or coding,  or if you have created things with a computer or solved problems with a computer, then you have taken part in computer science. One way to define computer science is "creating programs and solving problems using a computer".

Every Thursday after school, CS First club members will build themed projects in the programming language Scratch. They will use the CS First website to watch instructional videos and code their projects on the Scratch website. A theme runs every 8 weeks; the current theme is storytelling through coding. Other themes may include art through coding and game design through coding.

Students have a specific agenda for each meeting where they will watch instructional videos and then use what they watched to create a project for that day. Each club meeting should result in a different project. One of the cool things about using CS First as a way to code is that it allows club members the opportunity to continue coding at home. And, if you missed the first meeting, do not fret. The club has an open enrollment policy. Come see what CS First has to offer for you!

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