Monday, January 25, 2016

8th Graders Reacquaint Themselves With WeVideo

Since Powerball has hit the unprecedented billion dollar mark, I found myself asking the age-old question, "What would I do if I won that amount of money?" After coming back to reality, another question popped up in my mind: what would students say to that question? So, I posed that question to them. Their response was to be in the form of a 1 minute video. Today's post shows students working on their video project using WeVideo as a video editor. WeVideo is a web 2.0 tool, which basically means that a user can go to a website and create something there rather than download the app on to there computer. What is great about web 2.0 sites is that you can access your project from any device that supports web browsing. Gone are the days where students could only work on projects in school because they did not have the same program installed on their computers at home.

Students first used WeVideo in 7th grade, so this project was also used to get the student reacquainted with what they learned from last year. 8th graders in computer class will take what they learned in 7th grade (video editing) along with what they will learn this year (video production) to create a film. To learn more about what this entails, please click here. To the left is a quick video I shot during class that captures students refreshing themselves with WeVideo.

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